How to choose accessories and bridal jewelry

When you think about your wedding day, surely the first things that come to your mind are the wedding dress, the shoes, the makeup and the hairstyle, and yes, these are all important aspects; however your bridal look would not be complete if you do not choose the jewelry indicated for you. If there is […]

How to choose the colors of the wedding

More often, the color ranges for wedding have become true references of inspiration, style and trends. In case you did not know, the tones that you choose on such a day will make all the details shine with their own light in a frame full of harmony; that’s precisely why it’s vital that you have […]

Wedding dresses of all colors

Do you want to leave the traditional and mark new trends with your wedding dress? And today more and more brides are looking for a different touch when choosing their wedding dress. After decades of undisputed predominance of white wedding dresses, pale tones, creams or champagne slowly began to appear. Nowadays, more and more bridal […]

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