Erotic massage to improve your sexual relations

The couples massages are a perfect preliminary, which promotes pleasant and pleasurable sexual relations. If you want to improve the quality of your sexual encounters, or remove the monotony of them, learning to perform an erotic massage for your partner is an excellent idea.  Before starting, prepare a comfortable place, with a temperature of about […]

Two stylish looks for a wedding guest

Klein blue for your dress The Klein blue color of Orosia de Mariana is ideal for the winter seasons, especially for the night and which brings a lot of strength, in addition to the bluish tones, is the favorite for most of us. They say that the Klein blue color is one of those inventions […]

Definitive keys to be the perfect guest

1. Flee from not being you Avoid, by all means, choose a look that goes against your own style. There is nothing more wrong than to be unnatural. First, because you probably notice that it does not fit with you. And, second, because you will feel uncomfortable 2. Choose the perfect color Depending on the […]

hairstyling proposals for boho brides

  If you are planning a boho style wedding, you have probably thought of a dress according to the theme of the celebration and you are looking for a hairstyle that does not clash. To inspire you, we have selected 10 boho hairstyle proposals. Will yours be among them?   Some boho brides choose to […]

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