Advantages and disadvantages of being the first of your friends at home


Like anything else in life, it is difficult for anyone to understand an experience they have not gone through, and the planning of the wedding is no different. If you are the first of your group of friends in giving you the 'yes, I want', there will be things that can not help you because they will not have gone through the same as you.
They will not understand your nerves, your worries or your stress for the organization of something that, at first glance, is not something "important" - although for someone who is married yes it is.
According to the brides who have already married and were the first of their group, there are some pros and cons. The writing of this magazine has compiled for you, so you do not go through the same thing.
Pros and cons of being the first of your group of friends to marry
1. Everyone will be excited to celebrate your bachelorette party. In fact, be more focused on what the getaway will be like at your own wedding.
2. They will talk for a long time about your wedding. They will constantly remember your day and how well they spent it until another of your friends celebrate their wedding.
3. It will be a meeting that everyone will attend. Probably the celebration of your wedding means the reunion between the friends that is hardest to see. They will all be there and it will be amazing to enjoy them all together like when girls. And you will feel special because it is the reason for the meeting.
4. They will help you. Either with the choice of your dress, with the flowers, the hairstyle, the place of the bachelorette party or even the details of the decoration ... They will be there to offer you their support.
6. They will ask you for advice and your wedding will be an inspiration for the future weddings of the others.
7. You will be the person they will turn to when they get married.

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