Breaking the rules of traditional photography. Know this trend!

More than talking about a trend, we will talk about the work of a professional who fully complies with this rule. It is so important to leave the traditional and much more in wedding photography. Behind the boring, the forced poses, the forced or feigned smiles, the interminable turns for all the tables in which the wedding was celebrated, to make way for something new, original and breaking all the rules. Naturalness! And if anyone knows about this, it is Homero Alemán, a photographer who with specialized work and a true passion for this world, has managed to cross borders and make all the couples who have trusted him with his impeccable and original work fall in love.
Sophisticated and timeless style

You realize when you look at his photographs. Homero Alemán, Master Wedding Photographer recognized for his particular style that combines the techniques of documentary photography and fashion, becomes an ideal option for couples who are looking for a unique, creative, dynamic professional and who also has extensive experience in the sector

Emotions, elegance and glamor: The perfect combination

Each photograph proves it. Homero Alemán's work is a combination of emotions, glamor, sophistication and impeccable technique. Whether it's a wedding, an engagement session or a magazine cover, Homero has the ability to get stunning photographs that reflect every moment. His particular style is easy to recognize: he takes photography to the limit. He does not settle for anything and this has turned him into a perfect expositor of a unique photography, taken care of in detail in aesthetics and light. Since he was 17 he has not separated from his camera, reinventing new ways of using light every day to create stunning images.

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