How to choose accessories and bridal jewelry

When you think about your wedding day, surely the first things that come to your mind are the wedding dress, the shoes, the makeup and the hairstyle, and yes, these are all important aspects; however your bridal look would not be complete if you do not choose the jewelry indicated for you. If there is something we have very clear is that these will make your outfit stand out to the fullest and, of course, you can see more than perfect.

Therefore, as we are referring today to one of the most important days of your life, we want to tell you what are the five main points so that you know how to choose bridal jewelry and accessories.
What kind of girlfriend are you?
The first thing you should take into account is the type of bride you are, as well as the type of dress you will wear. For example, if your dress has a sweetheart neckline but it has a lot of details, we recommend that you wear only a small pendant; In case the wedding dress is super simple you could risk a little more and wear a good size necklace. If your favorite dress is one that has lace and rhinestones, then remember to wear very discreet accessories.

For this reason it is essential to know what jewelry is the most favored taking into account the type of dress you will wear.
The color of the dress

The color of your wedding dress is also very important when choosing the jewelry you will wear. For example, if your dress is diamond white, you should choose pink gold jewelry, silver or pearls, which will make it look much more and form a fine and romantic set. If you choose a champagne-colored wedding dress, the polished silver will be ideal for you. If you prefer to be a different girlfriend and opt for a color dress like pink or pastel blue, it is best to choose pink gold jewelry, platinum or diamonds.
also, you can not forget that always in the world of beauty, fashion, and obviously in the nuptial, less is always more, so do not abuse and avoid at all costs to hang up to the molcajete. It's your wedding, and we want you to look super pretty but also very, very, very elegant.

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