How to choose the colors of the wedding

More often, the color ranges for wedding have become true references of inspiration, style and trends. In case you did not know, the tones that you choose on such a day will make all the details shine with their own light in a frame full of harmony; that’s precisely why it’s vital that you have all the tools to choose the tones that best suit the style of your wedding and with you! Here we leave you suggestion Pay attention to the season of the year in which you will marry This point is basic, in addition to being a great reference to know what direction to take around the colors that will star in your wedding. It is very important that reflections at what time of year you will give the “Yes I want”, and even more, that you know what kind of weather there will be in those days; with this you will know if you prefer raw, pastel or intense colors. The purpose is that, both the decoration and the environment, make an absolutely beautiful contrast on your big day. Each station has its star colors, although many of them change according to the place and the season. For example, autumn, which normally dresses in burgundy, forest green, mustard and coffee. Winter is usually framed by whites, blacks, blues, purples and browns (colors reminiscent of firewood, snowy forest, celebrations decembirnas …) In spring, cheerful colors reign as green, turquoise, lemon yellow and white, and some more striking like fuchsia; They are fresh tones, which brighten the view, reminiscent of good weather and fields full of flowers. In summer, pastel colors: pink, lavender, yellow, light blue and mint green are connected to the sun, the beach, the sea, nature and holidays.

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