How to choose the tablecloths for your wedding

All the details in your wedding count, you should not miss one because it can make your event look disorganized and does not match the style you have chosen. The mantelería for wedding is a very important touch, although it seems that it is not noticeable. It should go ad hoc with the rest of the decoration elements. You must be very careful when choosing, so that everything forms a beautiful and careful set. That's why follow these 5 steps to make your wedding linens perfect!
Know the prices and allocate budget

The mantelería plays a very important role in your wedding and although you do not believe it you must define a special budget for it, since it is a game that we do not give due importance and when you take it lightly can generate a greater expense and Take us a surprise at the end.

Sometimes the tablecloth is included in the budget of the wedding or banquet place, since these suppliers usually offer you different options that they contemplate within the final price, that is when we leave aside how important this detail is and we throw it to the I forget. Already in the chaos of approaching day B, is completely behind and if you no longer have a budget, you end up choosing what they offer you in the place where the event will be, which does not always fit the style of your wedding.
Have the ideal place hired and make sure you know your policies

It is important to know the policies that the space of your event has. This is because the place may not allow you to hire an external service and you have to choose only what you have in your stock. Therefore, make sure you can make these changes and if not, avoid problems and if you are on time, move to a more flexible company where you can organize everything to your liking.

If you are going to contract the service from the outside, take into account the style of the place so that everything is harmonized and at the time it is ready you will not notice a huge difference. Everything must form a visually coherent set.

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