Makeup for eyes: Look a bigger look Ready to captivate?

Everyone knows the secret: girls want to look big and perfectly well made eyes. The best thing of all is that, with just a couple of techniques, you can accomplish the task without needing the favors of nature. Next, we give you a series of tips to make your eyes look bigger and captivate instantly! List? Let us begin Corrector of the color of your skin Many girls believe that the concealer should be applied in a lower tone than your skin has by nature … Do not do it! Contrary to what you might think, the tone should be the same, and that is that your eyes will be covered completely, and therefore, your eyes will look bigger and awake (goodbye to fatigue!). Remember that the application must be done in the form of an inverted pyramid, since then you will have to unify the tone of this product with that of your makeup and powder base. If you want a more original effect, put a little shine in the cheek area to the temple. You will look amazing!  Outline cat eye Instead of following the natural shape of the eye, the outline with this style allows you to make a stroke that goes beyond the corner of the eye. This trick is great for your eyes to look bigger, at the same time that the black color gives a very glam touch to all your makeup. To make the effect more lasting, we recommend you choose a product with a liquid and creamy waterproof formula. Only the best! Discover these 8 great tips so that your beauty routine is the best A touch of nude color on the water line Instead of integrating a black eyeliner inside the eye, we recommend you choose a nude color. This tone will give more depth and grandeur to your eyes. If you need more help from other products, it is best to choose a combination of shades in raw colors and, preferably, with brightness. Apply a little gold or bronze color to the lacrimal will make your eyes look more alive and energized. Imagine how they will look on your wedding photos! False eyelashes to the rescue Yes, the best ingredient! Once you have finished the makeup of your eyes, it is best to apply a layer of mascara waterproof, and then, a false eyelashes. For the effect to be better, the ideal is to acquire those that come alone and not in strip; These will fit better to the style of your eye and you can choose the parts where you need more volume and lengthening. Once you see them, you will realize that false eyelashes will always be your best allies.

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