Places you would never imagine for a wedding: Pure originality!

I have always defined myself as the great supporter to design different weddings and with a unique style. Because of that, I have a very clear obsession in finding places with a different vibe. Thanks to the universe and all the forces that converge in favor of the wedding industry, there are more and more locations that, even without being properly conceived for traditional weddings, are adapted to create dreamy celebrations and perfect for millennial couples. With textures, walls with a unique vibe, interesting colors, ideal finishes and everything you need to have an extraordinary party, here we review the places you would never imagine for a wedding

1. Forest Yes, it seems very usual, but this type of location has had an important boom in recent months. Couples have a brutal love for maintaining contact with nature, while designing a celebration with careful details and ornaments that transform the traditional and formal image of a classic wedding. To make matters worse, this place invites the couple to lean towards alternative designs, accessories and, of course, corners of the most inspiring for a setting never seen before. I love!

2. Pub Bars and pubs have also been transformed into the coolest places for a wedding. Believe it or not, this type of location allows you to have many decorative elements so you do not have to make a major investment in this aspect. To make matters worse, the industrial dyes that have many of these places are great for the dynamics of your big day to be more interesting and trendy. It seems impossible, but if you like a bar in Mexico City or in any region of the country, rest assured that you can come up with the most creative celebration in this type of venues; Yes, remember that if you decide on this option, then you should be very careful with the number of guests you consider, since they tend to be better alternatives for an intimate party.

3. Art galleries Oh yeah! They can be more complex spots, but of course they can turn into fantastic places to celebrate your wedding. Here you will discover an ideal parallel world, and that is that you and your guests will not only be able to enjoy a very chic banquet, but you will be able to pay more attention to the accents of the decoration to generate magazine montages. To make matters worse, the pieces of art and the light colors that present this type of location will be the aesthetic basis to fully enjoy your “yes, I accept”.

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