The boyfriend in light colors: The new trend for your boy

the bride and her headdress, the veil, the bouquet and, of course, the dress; in white or ivory, line A or princess cut, lace, sleeveless … in short. Everything is about the bride, but we should not forget the other half of the equation: the groom! and his suit for the big day. The outfit of the groom is also very important and that is why we bring you the latest trends in men’s fashion for the big day. The light colors are, without a doubt, the most in for this season and they are some of the colors that you can choose from. 1.White Let’s start with the lightest color of all and which very little will dare to carry. It is time for the boyfriend also be turned to see together with his wife for the brightness of his suit.

2.Beige This tone would be the perfect medium term not to overshadow the bride, but it is very close to the bright white color. A suit in beige, with a lightweight fabric would be perfect for a day wedding and also for a romantic ceremony on the beach.

3. Crude tone A touch vinrage and informal, but refined at the same time. A suit in this color is ideal for a boho chic wedding, and even better if it is in the field and surrounded by pure nature as the same color.

4. Light gray This color radiates elegance and tradition and it is not the first time that gray becomes the trend to dress the most elegant and trendy brides.

5.Blue For a more relaxed, modern and super chic style think of this color. A bright tone that will make the groom stand out for the right reasons. A blue suit is very colorful and any boyfriend will look gorgeous with this tone

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