The bridal shoe, much more than a bridal accessory

For the most special day of your life, you will not only need a beautiful dress with which you will walk to the altar where the person you love and with whom you want to spend the rest of your life awaits you, you should also pay attention to other aspects like the earrings, the rings, the wedding ring and, of course, the shoes. Since it will be a long day, you must take into account certain nuances such as quality, and above all, comfort, and in this, professionals are specialists. Salon shoes This type of footwear is the ideal for those classic brides who want the authentic protagonist of the look to be the dress, without more, and this way you will not divert attention to your feet, with these shoes you will go at the same time elegant and comfortable, a bet safe if you want to hit with your choice! A great option is this design by Serena Whitehaven, beautiful and very elegant! Dancers In order to make the day much more bearable, the dancers are a fantastic option whether you choose a long or short wedding dress. Despite being a bit more informal than other possible options but you will be very comfortable all the time considering that it will be a very busy day. Also, keep in mind that most of the firms offer spectacular designs with appliques, rhinestones, lace … Flips flops Another fantastic option, and the most usual, is to opt for sandals, a very successful shoe for a special day as is your wedding day, you will find it in all shapes, colors and with more or less heel. They are an elegant and very sexy option that gives a daring touch to your bridal look! Espadrilles Another option that more and more brides resort to for their comfort and originality is the espadrilles, since with them you can wear heels without giving up going comfortable, you will be very elegant since the designs are very varied in colors and fabrics! After introducing this variety of shoes look for the one that best suits the style of your dress and go more according to your personality because the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with them since you will spend many hours with them standing up.

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