Things that nobody tells you about the wedding night:

After this, nothing will be the same  the wedding ended, the party was a success, and now, you and your fiancé, are directed to have a moment of privacy to celebrate the traditional wedding night. If you thought that everything was honey over flakes, fantasy and rose, here we tell you 7 things that nobody tells you about the truth of this “super” night. You have been beautifully painted in movies and books, but is the wedding night really as spectacular as you think?

  1. You will be sad (probably). Go figure! The day you had dreamed of for so many years is over, and now? Surely you will arrive on the wedding night with a bit of melancholy and the desire to cry (literally). Chances are you just want your boyfriend to consent and hug you very much; In the end you deserve it, do not you? After so many emotions, you will not have room in your head to think about sex.
  2. – You will have taken more. As you well know, alcohol relaxes you (sometimes more than you would like). If the party at your wedding was great, then surely you will be with too many drinks and, probably, you will not be in the best position to light the flame of passion on your wedding night. Do not believe, your boyfriend will be the same or worse than you
  3.  They will be very tired. After an eight-hour party, your energy is not the same. When you finish the reception and arrive at your house, vine or hotel, the first thing you will want to do is to lie down in bed to sleep like babies. So much pressure, expectation and emotions will come out on the wedding night, so if there is not much passion at the mere hour … leave it for later!
  4. You can not get rid of the hairstyle. If you chose a loose mane, what better! Now, if you opted for the most beautiful and complex collection of the story, be prepared to set aside a couple of hours at night in order to undo it. With so many pins, pins and details that ta have put, sure half of the audacity and you will not know what to do with your great hairstyle. You see? Surely that night will not be as you imagined it all your life, but there are things you can avoid so that this moment is completely magical. In any case, plan a honeymoon where they have free time, so they can take advantage of being together and discovering themselves as newlyweds.
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