Tips for children to enjoy (really) the wedding


A marriage is not just about the union of two people; Many times, it is also about the merger of two families. For children and stepchildren, attending and participating in their parents' wedding can be a very special and exciting time. But it can also mean nervousness or a certain fear. Here are some ways to ensure that both your children and your partner enjoy 100% of your link.
Tips for children to enjoy the wedding
1. Celebrate in private
Before the big day, it's a great idea to have a family reunion, a special dinner or an excursion that allows you to spend time together and talk about the event. The day of the wedding can be a bit overwhelming for the little ones, there will be nerves and stress and for that reason it is advisable to have a relaxed chat with them and prepare them for the link. So they can solve all kinds of doubts or concerns. You too can share your emotions with them.
2. Public dedication.
While children are not super shy, there are many unique ways to have a picture with them during the wedding. Whether as a bridal party, as helpers to distribute the gifts to the guests ... But making the children participate helps them to enjoy more. And of course, talk about them and about the wonderful family that you all form together in your speeches of thanks.
3. Fun table for them.
Although if they wish, they can be placed on the same table, but ideally they should feel comfortable and at the same time introduce themselves when they are surrounded by other children-age is a point in favor. In addition, it is easy for the little ones to get lost in a sea of ??adults who do not stop at adult topics and drink. Include coloring books, special activities for them, children's songs ... It's a good way to ensure your fun and enjoyment.
4. Participants.
It is necessary that those involved in planning the wedding: the invitations, the gifts, the wedding cake ... even accompany you to choose the looks. By incorporating and getting ideas about the smallest details, you will feel that you are part of that event that all life speaks of.
Tips for children to enjoy the wedding.

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