Tips to wear a perfect curly hair on your wedding day

Curly hair is fashionable but we do not all know how to get the most out of it or take care of it in the right way to wear perfect and defined curls, that's why we always use the iron to smooth it or hide the hair with accessories. But that's over! If you are lucky that nature has endowed you with a voluminous mane, give thanks because you can do with it whatever you want. If it is true that it is a mane difficult to tame because it tends to frizz and the entwined, but that does not mean that the curls are not pretty and stylish. Curly hair rejuvenates the face and has a lot of roll, style and personality. We reveal some tips on how to take care of your curly hair, so that you can show off healthy, shiny and enviable curls. Here we go! Tips for a perfect curly mane 
1. Before washing your hair you must comb it and untangle it, so you will avoid pulling after showering.
2. Use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type and wash it every two days, it is not good to abuse the shampoo daily. Shampoos for curly manes should contain jojoba or macadamia oil, since these ingredients protect the hair to preserve its shape. 
3. It is essential that you take care of your curls with a moisturizer or mask to keep it perfect throughout the day, as these are much more fragile, brittle and tend to dryness. Curly hair requires a lot of hydration, hence the masks are a must for this type of hair. If you use conditioner, only at the tips! 
4. Do not comb yourself too much. To untangle it, you can do it yourself with your hands or with a wide-barred comb. And to get a more marked and natural curl, the ideal is to put and dry the head down to give more volume to the hair. 5. Visit the hairdresser every month or month and a half to cut and clean the tips, since in this type of hair they open much more easily and can give your hair an unpleasant and careless image. 

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