Wedding dresses of all colors

Do you want to leave the traditional and mark new trends with your wedding dress? And today more and more brides are looking for a different touch when choosing their wedding dress. After decades of undisputed predominance of white wedding dresses, pale tones, creams or champagne slowly began to appear.

Nowadays, more and more bridal fashion designers are daring to surprise with colorful wedding dresses, and as there are wedding dresses for absolutely every taste. We have already proposed multiple designs of wedding dresses in black and wedding dresses in red. Today we propose a wide variety of wedding dresses of the color that you can think of ... only for the most daring.

Blush and pink tones

These tones have been present with great force during this year for the delicacy and tenderness they transmit. Its different shades of blush highlight the femininity of the brides who wear them and precisely for that reason, it goes with many styles of dresses, from the plain and simple, to the garigoleados and with extravagant cuts. However, due to its modest style, we recommend you not to use bouquets that may overshadow your dress. A bouquet of similar colors, like pastel or white would be ideal to complete your sweet and delicate attire.

Nude and ivory

Brides determined to mark style and emphasize, should pay attention to dresses in ivory and nude. These dresses will highlight your figure and your natural beauty if you are not afraid to show some skin during the ceremony. The nude tones are the ones that have swept the most in the catwalks this last season and it is precisely because they firmly declare how beautiful a woman can look. Wear these dresses if you are willing to stand out and surprise everyone with the charms of your figure.

In gold, glamor, luxury and elegance merge in a sparkle that shines through where you look. But it is also a tone that leaves room for charisma and warmth. This color shines especially during weddings at night and carried out in cold seasons, where its features are highlighted. Being a color that reflects so much glamor, it is natural to combine it with long tail dresses, smooth and tight to the body so as not to overload its structure. As for the hairstyle, it is highly recommended that you use the hair collected and meticulously taken care of. It is also recommended to make a minimum use of accessories, preferably gold to maintain the elegant style that this color represents.

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