Wedding guests!

The wedding season has arrived and with so many friends starting to get married it seems almost impossible not to repeat the design. Even if you are a fashion lover, party dresses are usually expensive and it is a pity to buy them just to wear them once. That’s why we have three designs from the past that have come back and that allow so much game that you can repeat the model at parties without people noticing. We present you the Chinese qipao, the tuxedo and the bohemian dress. The Chinese quipao This classic of fashion is recycled again and again and again to become every decade an essential in the wardrobe of every fashionista woman. The oriental air is shown as a breath of fresh air at any wedding, as it is totally different from what ordinary guests usually use. In full 2018 the influence of the Manchu culture of China is filtered in fashion through the famous quipao, a feminine and delicate piece that takes center stage in front of the dresses of guests. This dress, with a tight fit, falls from the closed neck to the knees, where the skirt shows details of the legs with the side openings, forming a sexy and full of mystery or we can say that the bohemian dress has come back, it never really went away. And it has a reason to be, in recent times we have seen how Coachella music festivals become the showcase for bohemian and cool fashion and this type of dress is undoubtedly the king in this festival. To adapt it in different events you can get rid of the typical pashmina and accompany it by a leather jacket that will give all the rock spirit to your look ..

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