You must wait to promise if


- You do not know enough
During the initial phases of love, the couple is blinded by passion and romantic love, and is not able to see what the other person really is like. To make the jump to marriage, it is important to know each other in depth and have gone through some ups and downs of life together. And time is essential to get to this. The infatuation phase usually does not exceed three or six months in most couples, but it is important to leave behind to understand that the other person is not as perfect as you had imagined.
Only if you are able to see your partner as he really is, with his strengths and weaknesses, and still want to stay with him, will you be making a solid and safe decision.
- The basic principles are not yet in place
There are a number of principles that are vital to the health of a relationship and that must be given before commitment. They are the following: trust, honesty, ability to forgive, compassion, flexibility, passion and love. If one or more of one of these principles is weak in the relationship, it is exposed to rupture and it is better to wait for the promise. Once they take hold, you can take the final step.
wait to promise
- You expect your partner to change
If the change you are expecting is something inconsequential, like the weekly frequency with which your partner takes the trash to the street, you can probably live with it. But if what you would like to see is a more serious change, it is probably not the most appropriate person for you. He does not have to be perfect, but if you are not willing to accept him with all his imperfections, then you should look for someone else. The probability of getting to change is not very high.
- You are not able to negotiate limits
Being able to negotiate limits is essential for a couple who have decided to share their life. This negotiation may have to do with everyday aspects, such as the frequency with which you leave without your partner or the time you spend with your friends or with each other's family. As couples evolve, it may be necessary to negotiate new boundaries or renegotiate old ones. When the two members of the couple are able to listen and make concessions, the couple is more likely to endure.


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